Shannon Gross
Shannon Gross
portland photographer

52 weeks, 52 people

I wanted to challenge myself to something new in 2018. Photography can get stagnant. I work with the same people over and over (who I love dearly). But I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. 

So, once a week, for the entirety of 2018, I'm going to photograph a different person.  It doesn't matter if we've shot before or not. I mean, it doesn't even matter if we've met before (or if we have and haven't talked in years). I don't care if you're a professional behind the lens or just a selfie master. If you're most comfortable in a messy bun and sweats, let's get that. If you want to dress up for the occasion, feel free. But let's capture you at whatever is your realest. 

We can shoot wherever you want. I'll travel to you or you can come to me.
If you're a musician, grab your snare. If you love your job, let's go there. 

Whatever makes you unique.

Whatever you love to do.

Let's capture it in one photo. 


Click here to sign up for a week. I'll be sending you an email with more information and we can talk more about what we're going to do. Please only sign up for a week if you live in (or will be in) Oregon or Washington.